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December 07, 2016

Ready for the Commander? The new BN038 375ml antique green glass bottle is coming soon...



Are you ready for the Commander? The new antique green BN038 375ml glass bottle is coming soon...

We heard you were looking for a bold glass bottle to dress up your product -- specifically, a 375ml antique green glass bottle with a crown finish -- so we went out and got it for you! You also said you wanted something smaller with a more a vintage feel to it and we think that antique green might be just the thing.  


The Commander is specially designed to contain carbonated beverages such as:

  • sparkling wine
  • beer
  • cider or perry
  • mead

And whether your product is sensitive to the light or not, the Commander's duty is to protect it.  You said that you wanted to make a statement...We can assure you that the Commander will do just that. It is sturdy and it is worthy of its rank.

Accessorize it with the following closures:


Watch it beam with pride when it stands to attention as your potential clients walk by... amidst the wide array of other products. There is no pussyfooting around with the Commander. The Commander takes  the lead and draws in the crowd.


 You're not sure if this is the right bottle for you? Have you seen 2 of the latest trendsetters yet? 

  • THE BOOCH:   BN071 Booch 355ml clear glass bottle The name says it all! It adores Kombucha tea of different flavors but is quite happy with the likes of freshly pressed juice, smoothies, water and much more.  Its shape is modern but its flint color is demure enough to allow for the color of your product to pop out!

UBP Booch BN071 355ml flint glass bottle packaging

Pair it up with 26mm crown cap closures in redblack or gold, and your Booch will make no mistakes about its name! 


Otherwise, if you are looking for a similar look colored in amber and holding a larger capacity, you might be more attracted to:


  • THE HIPSTER:  BN072 amber 500ml Hipster glass bottle. Say what you will about hipsters but one of great things we love about them, is that they like fresh organic food and drinks. They truly care about the environment.  And look around, they are everywhere.  Personally, we think they are just setting their own pace and looking to revolutionize this world. This amber colored glass bottled Hipster is doing just that. 

UBP Hipster BN072 500ml amber glass bottle packaging

Fit the Hipster with a 26mm crown cap finish in redblack or gold, and watch it stand tall, for all to see!  


So now,  you're probably wondering if these bottles truly suit your needs?  We can help you with these concerns. Our consultants at United Bottles & Packaging have the knowledge and experience to help you make the right decision. 

And if you are curious to see other types of glass bottles from United Bottles & Packaging, don't forget to check out our catalogue to see which other styles look best for you.

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