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October 25, 2016

How to choose unique glass packaging that will get them begging for your brew



Wondering how you can turn potential buyers into real buyers this Thanksgiving?

If the thought of choosing the right bottle for your product sends you into a headspin, you are not alone.  Every year at this time, right before Thanksgiving and Football season, brewers panic. Even the most seasoned brewmakers do. Whether you are a microbrewery, a large brewery,  or even a homebrewer, choosing your packaging is challenging! And--though you know that your product is really special--you are still competing with others who think that their brews are really special too.  According to TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau), over 13 million barrels of beer and over 3.9 million barrels of cider were sold in the month of November of 2015. With all these different products out there, you have to be fierce and make yours stand out and beat the competition.

Then, there is the cost. If you are a microbrewer just starting out, you've probably just put down oodles of cash on equipment, ingredients, and not to mention the presentation of your product.  So, if you are spending money on packaging, it ought to be good. You want your bottles to withstand the carbonation pressure and be of high quality. They can't let you down. The price you pay for your packaging may not be cheap but it has to be reasonable. Choosing the right distributor with the right advice and the best turn-around time is critical to any brewer.

And time is of the essence. Your brews are almost ready and you need to prepare for bottling.  You may not have chosen your packaging yet. And you know that you need to choose quickly so that your shipment makes it on time.

But this year, you want  something different. Last year, you chose bottles that did not measure up to your product. Your sales figures could have been better. Also, this year, you've made a new pumpkin ale and an apple cranberry cider that will blow their minds. 

So, you're wondering where you can go to get some help. How can you choose the bottle that would perfectly represent your product? You need some inspiration. The good news is that we can help you.

Before buying any glass bottles and packaging, make sure that you choose a distributor with a variety of bottles in stock. Here are 5 tips for helping you with that decision.  




5 Tips when Choosing your Packaging:


  1. The look has to be as unique as your beer or cider.

  2. Remember that the quality of the packaging is as important as your product.

  3. Be sure that you talk to a consultant who has experience in this field.

  4. Find a distributor that will provide quick turn-around time.

  5. Find something versatile and planet-friendly. Think glass, think green. Imagine your clients carrying around your reusable growlers  or possibly even a charming and also reusable swing-top clear glass bottle. 



    Once you decide to speak to a consultant, you can use our free checklist so that your process will be less time-consuming and more efficient.  



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